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  1. Petrochemical industry: from oil to oil-and-gas

    23 September, 2014
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    A roundtable discussion centered on the problems of the gas chemical industry has been held in Russia. The topics of discussion were the “shale revolution in the US”, the opportunities for developing new projects in Russia, feedstock transportation problems, project funding issues and scientific developments in the field. Rafinat Yarullin, General Director of Tatneftekhiminvest-holding, has pointed out in his speech the willingness on part of gas-producing companies to develop gas-processing projects: “We used to have a perennial shortage of gas supply. It was always a huge task to have one’s plant supplied with gas, but nowadays it’s a no-problem thing. Gazprom’s chief managers all speak in the same breath: let’s develop our industry, take our gas, use our gas. People have started to talk about natural gas as car fuel, about its pollution-free nature. Both buses and private vehicles may use it, with reduced engine emissions: the reduction is from […]

  2. Gazprom, Novatek confirm willingness to provide gas feedstock to BGCC’s future methanol complex in Leningrad Oblast

    31 July, 2014
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    LLC Baltic Gas Chemical Company (BGCC) has completed a preliminary geological survey of a Leningrad Oblast site where it supposes to build a methanol production complex. The proposed construction site will take up an area of 55 hectares in the eastern part of the Ust-Luga industrial zone. Selection of this particular site is favored by its nearness to federal and regional highways and its convenient location relative to power supply facilities. Leningrad Oblast Government has already granted its preliminary approval to the project. Gazprom and Novatek have in their turn confirmed their readiness to allocate requisite portions of their gas outputs to it. The future facilities will have an estimated production capacity of 1.7 mn tonnes of methanol per year, their annual natural gas consumption estimated at 1.5 bn cubic meters. The company plans to launch the complex in Q1 2018. The project also calls for the construction of a […]

  3. Politicians in Crimea mull the future of Crimea Titan and Crimean Soda Plant

    6 May, 2014
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    Crimea Titan and Crimean Soda Plant, companies belonging to Ukrainian businessman Dmytro Firtash, may halt their production in a month if no water appears in the North Crimean channel, said Edip Gafarov, presidium member of the State Council of Crimea, during a presidium meeting held by the Council. “We’ve visited the Crimean Soda and Crimea Titan plants; they have enough process water in their reservoir to last for about 30-35 days. After that, both plants could halt,” said Mr. Gafarov, as cited by Crimea Inform, a news agency. The water reservoir serving these chemical plants is replenished by the waters of the North Crimean channel, whose supply was shut off by the Ukrainian side. In the words of the acting head of the Crimean Republic Sergey Aksyonov, both plants still refuse to operate in the legislative environment of the RF. “There have been no contacts of any kind with the […]

  4. Polief PET capacity expanded

    5 May, 2014
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    Polief, part of Sibur, has completed a project called to expand its capacity to produce polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and is now able to turn out 210 instead of 140 thousand tonnes of the product each year. The output expansion efforts included reconstruction of the existing PET facilities as well as the construction of a new production line. The aims of the project were to set up facilities able to process the company’s own output of terephthalic acid (TPA) and to substitute foreign sources of PET in certain segments of the Russian PET market. The project has been placed on Bashkortostan Republic’s list of priority projects. The Russian market has consumed 580 thousand tonnes of PET in 2013, producing 405 thousand tonnes. The gap was filled by imported product. Russia’s per capita use of PET is 4.1 kg, while in Western Europe it is 6.6 kg, in the USA, 9.5 kg. […]

  5. Russia’s petrochemical industry received RUB 125 bn worth of investment in 2013, says Energy Ministry

    30 April, 2014
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  6. Поддать ли газу

    1 March, 2014
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