1. Press Center

    We suggest our summit media partners to fill out a form ACCREDITATION MASS MEDIA>>, sign the partnership agreement, and deliver it to our coordinator Dina Anishina.

    E-mail: dina.anishina@gmail.com,

    Phone number: +7 (929) 906 44 90, +7 (915) 09 06 474.

    Printed modules, banners, and buttons for our partners and free website placement can be found in the “Logos, Banners” section of the website. We ask you to download those images and allocate them on your channels. We are very thankful for your support! Representatives of the accredited mass media channels will have a chance to distribute their printed materials through a special stand.

    Dragging in photo, video, and audio equipment can be carried out according to the preliminarily delivered check-list.

    At the end of the event participants will be able to have photo, video, and audio materialsof the event along with the press-release and speakers’ presentations.

    A special press office will be organized for representatives of the accredited mass media. They will have computer and internet access, speakers’ presentations, handout materials, etc. А press point organization is scheduled.


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