1. Programme

    Preliminary programme:

    Day 1. Chemical summit

    Russian petrochemical industry

    10.00-13.00 Plenary meeting

    Current state of the field and its perspectives

    10.00-10.05 Greetings
    10.05-10.40       Reports of Privolzhsky Federal District subjects leaders about global projects of development of petrochemical industry, special chemistry, and pharmaceuticals – 35 min
    10.40-11.40 About plans of increasing capacity of hydrocarbons processing in Russia. («Lukoil»)20 min
    Cutting-edge technologies and new materials to increase the quality of life. (Evonik) 20 min
    Increasing the manufacture of ethylene in Russia. Eastern projects of Rosneft. (Rosneft, Sanors)20 min
    11.40-12.00 Hydrocarbons balance. Repartition of the market as a result of processing industry growth in the Middle East and shale gas revolution in the USA, China, and Australia. – 20 min

    Oleg Braginsky, RAS Central Institute of Maths and Economics, laboratory of branch complexes development strategies head

    12.00-12.20 The nation-state as an import substitution regulator, provision of technological security in Russian industrial sectors of high importance – 20 min

    Michail Khazin, Neocon ltd., President

    12.20-12.40 Exploitation and modernization of existing refineries in the context of the ongoing sectoral western sanctions. – 20 min

    Prof. Michael Levinbuk, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas

    12.40-13.00 Press briefing  for Russian and foreign media
    Regulations:  report – 15-20 min, discussion and questions – 5 min
    14.00-18.00 Privolzhsky Federal District subject leaders meeting
    Development of regional petrol-chemistry products manufacture and consumption in the Privolzhsky Federal District
    14.00-14.20 Developing petrochemistry in Russia. A model of building a complex system of natural gas processing in the given circumstances
    Rafinat Yarullin, joint stock company «Tatneftehiminvest-holding», CEO
    14.40-15.00 Agrochemistry and food security.

    Michael Ovcharenko, National Agricultural Alliance, President

    16.00-16.20 Immense polymer consumption enlargement and substitution of import.

    Abdullah Mikitaev, Polyhimgroup Ltd,President

    17.00-17.20 Advanced refining regional cluster development. Tatarstan technoparks and SEZ-s.

    Government of the Republic of Tatarstan

    Day 2. Plastics Converters Congress

    Russian polymer industry

    10.00-13.00 Internal production and importation in Russian polymer market: assortment, quality, tendencies.
    14.00-16.00  Round work table

    SMW in Russia:

    building SMW landfills, supervision, waste composition, utilization and processing economics, fresh raw materials and exhaust fumes clearing, energy and heat cogeneration.

    16.30-18.00 Secondary polymer market

    Demand, growth perspectives, processing facilities, materials sector pricing, end product, requirements for end product quality.


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