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  1. “В России «легализована» промышленная биотехнология и разработана программа господдержки отрасли”, – Алексей Аблаев

    25 May, 2014
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  2. Анализ альтернативных методов обезвреживания мусора

    18 May, 2014
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  3. Russia’s petrochemical industry received RUB 125 bn worth of investment in 2013, says Energy Ministry

    27 March, 2014
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    Investment in the country’s petrochemical industry totaled RUB 125 bn in 2013, marking an increase of RUB 2 bn over the previous year, said Mikhail Gryaznov, Director of the Energy Ministry’s Oil and Gas processing department, during an industry conference. According to plans made by companies, the figure will rise to RUB 140 bn in 2014. Mr. Gryaznov also said that the country’s petrochemical plants have raised their hydrocarbon feedstock intake to 9.9 mn tonnes last year, marking an increase of 16 % y/y. The country’s ethylene output increased by 10 % to 2.54 mn tonnes, that of propylene, by 20.2 % to 1.79 mn tonnes, butadiene, by 4 % to 530 thousand tonnes, isoprene, by 1 % to 470 thousand tonnes. The overall output of mass-produced grades of plastics reached 3.46 mn tonnes, marking an increase of 18 %. Polyethylene production contributed 1.65 mn tonnes to that amount (marking […]


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