1. FAQs

    How can I register for the congress and get an invoice?

    — Please, fill in the online registration form. After that we will either fax or mail you a signed contract and invoice.

    Can I cancel if I am unable to attend the event?

    — If you cancel before more than two weeks, a service charge will be made but the major part of the fee (a special clause in the contract) will be refunded. For all cancellations after this date no refunds are possible.

    Can a registered delegate be substituted by another representative of the same company?

    — Yes, you may make a substitution until the day before Congress. Please inform us about the cancelation in advance.

    >Can the registration fee be paid at the venue during the registration?

    — Yes, but only if you have the organisers’ confirmation of your registration on hand. Outsiders will be denied access into the registration area by the guard.

    Can I get the list of congress participants?

    — A preliminary list of invited persons can be found on the congress web site. The names of persons who arrived to the congress will be available during the event at registration tables. After the event, all delegates are given DVDs with congress materials, including the information on participants: full name, position, company name and company contacts. We can also help you find the delegate you look for and assist in getting acquainted with him during the congress.

    Do I get copies of congress presentations?

    — Generally, all presentations are recorded alongside with other congress materials on a disk to be handed over to official delegates within one month after the event ends.

    How does a delegate account to his/her company for his/her participation in the congress?

    — On the last day of the congress, participants are given a complete set of documents for their company’s accounting department including a acceptance certificate in 2 copies and an invoice.

    How do I pay the participation fee?

    — You may select the method that comforts you most: bill payment or card payment with the formal contract offer through PayPal (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express).


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