1. Russia’s plastic items output continues to grow

    25 July, 2014

    According to Rosstat, in the first 7 months of 2014 Russia’s output of finished polymer goods increased by 9.6% in comparison with the same period a year ago.

    There was a significant growth of production figures in July, and this affected the bottom-line value. While amounting to 8.6% when calculated for H1, y/y increase in production reaches as high as 9.6% when assessed for the first 7 months of the year.

    In January through June, a total of 302.6 thousand tonnes of pipes, hoses and fittings were produced, marking a 10.3% increase y/y. In the month of July the output of these items increased to 56 thousand tonnes from the June mark of 48.7 thousand tonnes, due to a seasonal growth in demand.

    The output of non-reinforced and single-layer films in the period under report amounted to 611.7 thousand tonnes, marking a y/y increase of 26.2%. Film production hit 112 thousand tonnes last month, which translates into a 12.4% increase over June.

    Production of slabs and sheets increased by 3.6% y/y in Jan-Jun and reached 125.5 thousand tonnes. In July, output of these products tipped the scales at 19.3 thousand tonnes compared with 19 thousand tonnes in June.

    Only in the plastic windows, casements and sills segment did the output decline. Production of these totaled 13.5 mn square meters in the period under report, which is 6.8% less than in the same period a year earlier. 2.9 mn square meters were produced in July versus 2.1 mn square meters in June.

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