1. Logos, Banners

    The images below are for use by the company’s partners, exhibition organisations, publications and firms wanting to place these images in printed materials (logos) or on corporate websites. The file size and format are given in parentheses.
    The high-resolution files are suitable for quality images in printed publications, the low-resolution ones are for the Internet.

     Flag_sammit2599 x 1772, 17,5 Mb, TIFF

    909×300, 820Kb, TIFF>>sammit_2014sammit_2014
    909х300, 155Kb, JPG>>sammit_2014
    Summit_logo_2014 eng 521×315, 668Кb, TIFF>>

    955×296, 849Кb, TIFF>>
    955×296, 163Kb, JPG >>

    252х60, 7,73Kb, GIF >>

    3 125х125, 73Kb, GIF >>
    2 125х125, 84Kb, GIF >>
    1 125х125, 69Kb, GIF >>


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