1. Russia, China may negotiate yet another pipeline construction project

    6 June, 2014

    n the nearest future, a contract may be signed by Russia and China that would provide for the construction of a western pipeline branch running across the territory of the Siberian Federal District, Russia’s presidential administration chief Sergei Ivanov told journalists.

    “Considering the pace of China’s economic growth – a factor mentioned by the president – and the fact that the parties have come to terms regarding the price formula, chances are high that in the nearest future they would follow that up with the signing of a contract to build a western pipeline route whose path will lie entirely within the territory of the Siberian Federal District. This (deal) may be not as capital-intensive, but nobody doubts that its cost would run into tens of billions of dollars,” said he.

    Mr. Ivanov reminded that a portion of the eastern branch of the Power of Siberia pipeline will run through the territory of the Irkutsk Oblast.

    “Let’s not forget the fact that the development of the fields and the construction of the gas pipeline alone will cost an estimated $55 bn. This means new jobs and a higher capacity use for a number of industry fields.  A huge cumulative effect, a very powerful synergy,” said the Presidential Administration Chief.

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